Why do we always wait before we do something we know will provide so much pleasure?

About a month ago Amor Engelbrecht from Pasella asked me if I would like to be part of a programme focusing on activities not traditionally seen as “accessible”.  Why not?  Just say yes.

Vicky Davis was the producer of tonight’s’ insert on Pasella with Lynelle Kenned as presenter.

Finally Vicky and me start a WhatsApp brainstorming session with different possibilities.  Options included paragliding from Lion’s Head and acrobatics with the Madame Zingara group.

Finally whilst lazing on a Sunday afternoon I remember an interview I did with Anthony Scholte from Learn 2 Surf.  The next day I phoned Anthony to see if he really meant what he said when he offered to take me surfing one day.  But not to worry, the Learn 2 Surf team is ready for practically anything.

Okay Martelize, so you’re going surfing (or some version of surfing which probably more resembles body boarding…) “What were you thinking…”

That morning with scattered nerves I get myself ready for a day on the beach with the Pasella and Learn 2 Surf teams.

(Obvious tip:  Smother yourself in sunscreen.  After that, put on a hat, where possible.  I still bare the evidence with a ridiculous tan on my feet).

And quickly the superficial side kicks in.  How am I going to look in a wetsuit?  Help me…

After Lynelle and I wriggle into wetsuits at the Learn 2 Surf HQ in Muizenberg it was time to record some links and enjoy the perfect sea conditions.

While Anthony was showing Lynelle the ropes with the surfboard on the beach all I could think was “What on earth is Anthony going to make me do?”

Ready for anything I was taken into the water on the beach wheel chair and for the first time in many years I experienced the feeling of seawater and after a few uncomfortable gulps, taste the familiar sea salt.  For the rest of the experience you’re welcome to watch Pasella tonight.  SABC 2 at 19:30. All I can say is that it was soooooo much fun.  (Thanks guys).

As a child I spent most of my time in the waves during holidays and after this experience realised how much I’ve missed it.

Why do we always wait before we do something we know will provide so much pleasure?

Whatever it is and wherever possible.  Surfing, kayaking, bungy jumping, SUP or that back massage you’ve been coveting for so long.  If an experience will give you this feeling.  Just. Say. Yes. (Even if you do make a slight &*! of yourself).

Next.  Horse riding.