Martelize Brink

Oorlog op gemaksones. Sê ja. Mense, plekke, musiek, koffie, kos en wyn. Radio omroeper en regisseur, RSG.

Chicken, sweet potato, green bean and coconut milk curry

Enough for 6 people This dish is perfect for cold winter evenings. Curries = soul food. Enjoy. 1 kg chicken portions (bone in) a large onion, finely cut 3 garlic cloves finely chopped 2 thumbs fresh ginger finely chopped 2 chilies finely chopped (optional) 5 whole...

Light at the end of the lift

 "To wheelie a wheelchair down stairs isn’t exactly an easy task" For the first time in six months I can come home in peace, move into the reception area, push the lift button and without effort get into my Sea Point apartment. When I started looking for an apartment...

Just. Say. Yes.

Why do we always wait before we do something we know will provide so much pleasure? About a month ago Amor Engelbrecht from Pasella asked me if I would like to be part of a programme focusing on activities not traditionally seen as “accessible”.  Why not?  Just say...

Gone before their time

The morning I found out, there was technological chaos in the studio.  I literally had to grab the news 20 seconds before 09:00 and read the bulletin completely unprepared.  I vaguely remember hearing about a journalist dying before her time on Monitor earlier that...

Skinny girls don’t have body image issues…?

"If I could’ve placed a microphone in a position to record the discussion" After a recent speech about weight-loss at an exercise studio I found myself with a “skinny-girl” drink aka bubbly in hand talking to a small group of women that attended the event. If I...



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